Ravenclaw Circle Scarf Knitting Pattern

Hogwarts House Circle Scarf [Knitting Pattern]

I don’t care what anyone says – autumn (or “fall”, for us North Americans) is the absolute best season. While my British cohorts are cheering, clinking glasses and downing the Pimms, I’m sitting in my corner… nursing a hot cuppa and trying to convince myself that “sweater weather” is right around the corner.


It’s times like these that I really miss my home country – in Canada, we get 8 months of cool weather. No one would bat an eyelash at me if I stubbornly wore my scarves year-round. Instead, I have to deal with British silent judgment. Anyway. No matter your seasonal taste, at some point this year you’ll be able to say that “winter is coming” without irony. And it would be absolutely foolish to leave your neck unprotected against cold winds. So now is a perfect time to pick up a new knitting project, and knit yourself a geeky (but understated) Harry Potter-inspired circle scarf.

Harry Potter circle scarf knitting patter

The best thing about this scarf is that, because it’s knit in the round, it effectively has two smooshy layers with trapped air in between – making it ultra warm and cozy. “Cozy” is music is to my ears. It’s just what I need for cold days where I’m curled up with book or watching university lectures online (classic Ravenclaw, hello). Never knit in the round before? No problem. This scarf is ridiculously simple to knit, one you’ve gotten the hang of the technique. (I’ve linked to a Youtube video below, don’t worry.) You only have to change colours only every once in a while, so this is an excellent project to mindlessly work away at during a Harry Potter movie marathon. When you’re done, you have a utilitarian way to display your house colours. Perfection. So grab a pair of needles, get yourself sorted, and let the good times roll.

Hogwarts House Circle Scarf

One (1) pair of circular knitting needles – 4mm / US 6 / UK 8
Two (2) 100g skeins of DK yarn, in your house’s main colour
One (1) 100g skein of DK yarn, in your houses’s secondary colour
Optional: One stitch marker.


  1. Cast on 80 stitches in your scarf’s main colour (MC).
  2. Join your stitches in the round. (Not sure how? Here’s a helpful video.)
  3. Knit in MC for 26 rows.
  4. Switch to secondary colour.
  5. Knit in SC for 4 rows.
  6. Knit in MC for 4 rows.
  7. Knit in SC for 4 rows.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 until your scarf has reached your desired length, ending on step 7.
    Everyone has a different preference for scarf length… it’s best to just keep knitting, and checking to see if it’s long enough for you. I knit mine until it comfortable wrapped around my neck twice, but feel free to make it longer or shorter.
  9. Bind off.
  10. Sew the two ends of your scarf together with MC yarn.
    Now, this is a bit tricky. I sewed the two ends together from the inside out… which worked perfectly until I got to the end, then it got a bit messy. Still, it isn’t very noticeable unless you’re looking really closely at it. I searched the internet for a better way to join a knitted tube, but I didn’t find one. If you have a trick/method, please share! 

What’s your Hogwarts house? Your mum’s, your friends’, your partner’s? Share below!  x


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