8 Charming Things About London That Will Eventually Annoy You

8 Charming Things About London That Will Eventually Annoy You


I love London. It’s a beautiful city, filled with adorable nooks and crannies. So when you first move to London, you’ll experience a glorious honeymoon period. But all good things must come to an end. Enjoy the romance while you can. Here are 8 things about London that, I promise, will inevitably come to annoy the shit out of you.


  1. The rain. Rainy days sound romantic, but the reality is more of a mist/veil of eternal dampness that cannot be bested by an umbrella. You will never look presentable at work, and you will begrudgingly accept this.
  2. Narrow, tall apartments. The period features look great on Instagram and the wooden floors will make you want to cry from happiness, but it’s really not worth having to sleep in a broom closet. This is a lesson you will learn with time.
  3. East London coffee shops. Once the novelty of buzzwords like “independent”, “small scale” and “handcrafted” wear off, you’ll become sick of coffee that tastes like fruit juice and overpriced artisanal cheese sandwiches. Trust me.
  4. Cobblestones. They give the city old-world charm, and they are ever so European. But the city turns into a health and safety hazard if you’re walking faster than 2km/hour. You will learn to embrace weak ankles that are shadows of their former selves.
  5. Gastropubs. Rustic decor and beer gardens will draw you in. It’s like a pub, but polished! But one day you’ll look around, notice that the menu is identical to that of the last three places you’ve visited, and realise you just paid £20 for what is, essentially, a deep fried fish and some sliced potatoes.
  6. Pop ups. Hip concept with a whiff of exclusivity, great for keeping overheads low. But that’s about where the advantages end. You’ll quickly get tired of shops trying to induce FOMO for the sake of profit.
  7. Notting Hill market. It’s adorable, and you’ll squee at all the cute shops and stands that line the streets. However, you’ll one day come to understand that they’re pawning cheap crap to tourists. Don’t fall for it.
  8. Black cabs. They’re iconic, and you’ll find them really cool until you find yourself squatting awkwardly while paying your fare. Or until a creepy cab driver tries to take you off your route. Whichever happens first.

But despite all this, you’re never really going to leave, are you? London is just too full of excitement and opportunity. So when living in the Big Smoke, do as the Londoners do – repress everything and stare blankly at the patterned upholstery on the Tube. The feeling of annoyance will pass – for now.

What do you love about London – and what do you love to hate?

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9 thoughts on “8 Charming Things About London That Will Eventually Annoy You

  1. Hmm… you should be thankful for the rain since it gives you something to talk about – but obviously not on the Underground. Cobbles aren’t everywhere, y’know…
    Ok, my 8 ‘likes’
    (1) the free national museums and galleries.
    (2) the London Monument. For a couple of quid you can get a view of the City of London from high up. (Compare this to the near £30 cost of a trip up the Shard and you will be thanking me already…)
    (3) Kew Gardens. Yes it costs a fair bit to get in, but the gardens are gorgeous. And free of ‘undesirables’.
    (4) Hampstead Heath. A London ‘lung’, provided and funded by the City of London, but several miles away from town.
    (5) The BBC Proms. Get to hear a great concert for as little as £5.
    (6) Wigmore Hall. A (much) smaller concert venue which may not stage concerts to your taste, but it’s worth the effort just the once to admire the architecture.
    (7) the Houses of Parliament. Tours can be tricky to arrange if you aren’t a British citizen, but you can turn up on the day (please leave your AR-15/pepper spray/12 inch flick knife at home) and go watch a debate.
    (8) Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (just over the square from Parliament). The law is a bit of a yawn, but having a look at the architecture is a treat. And free.


    1. I love the museums and the Heath – there are definite pros to living in this city. 🙂

      The cobbles aren’t everywhere, but my ankles will never be the same! 😂

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