Lipstick and Literature: My Winter Youtube Picks

Hi everyone, I’m back!  The past few months have been absolutely crazy. I moved back to London and lived in my boyfriend’s apartment for two months. Then, we moved in together.I got a new (senior) job, and I signed up to run the London Marathon in 2016. And now, it’s suddenly December and I’m gearing up for the delightful chaos of Christmas.

And to be honest, you know what’s kept me sane the whole time? Youtube.


I became a bit obsessed with watching vloggers over the summer, while I was biding my time in Canada, waiting for the UK Home Office to sort their sh*t out. And now that I’m back? Yeah, I’m STILL completely enamoured with it – to the point where my boyfriend regularly leaves me have some “Youtube time” to myself.

Uh oh.

I’ve got a pretty full subscription box, but the following ladies have been the highlight of the season for me.


Estée (essiebutton)

Canadians unite! Like me, Estée moved from the True North to good old London. When she’s not walking her adorable greyhound Reggie on her vlog channel essiebuttonvlogs, she makes a combination of makeup and skincare-related video for her main channel – which is good for me, because I’m becoming quite girly these days and I will gladly take her advice on the matter. She reminds me of my BFF Emma (aka Emsstur), and this pleases me greatly.


Regan (peruseproject)

Regan is an absolute joy to watch – her face is so expressive! She’s also just hilariously unapologetic when it comes to her opinions about books – so I trust her to give it to me straight. She’s slowly getting me back into fiction series (which I’ve avoided for so long because nothing will ever replace Harry Potter in my heart) and I love her for it. Love her as a book reviewer because her recommendations haven’t let me down yet!


Sanne (booksandquills)

I have to just come out and say it: I have a weakness for  Germanic accents. The first video by Sanne that I ever watched began with her trademark, adorable “hoi” – and I was hooked. But cuteness aside, Sanne knows her stuff and we have similar tastes in books. She doesn’t just repeat book blurbs, but actually describes them in her own words, which is quite often exactly what’s needed to pique my interest in a book. You know, a real person’s opinion. I trust her taste and judgment.


Anna (viviannadoesmakeup)

Last but not least, there’s Anna. She’s definitely my biggest Youtube girl crush, because she’s got an adorable lisp and is secretly a bit of a dork (and I mean that in the best of ways). She’s like the girly high school best friend I never had – someone to guide me through the intimidating world of makeup and fashion, but with a warm and friendly attitude. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and this is what makes her my favourite beauty blogger of all time. Plus, her weekly vlogs are awesome. Rock on, Anna.

Do you have a Youtuber you’re obsessed with lately? Let me know in the comments – I could always use new recommendations!



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