Nerdy Date Idea #1: British Museum & Byron Burger

If you’re navigating the murky waters of the dating world, you’ll know that it’s easy to get stumped.Especially when it comes to suggesting date ideas.

When you’ve chatted someone up online and you’ve agreed to make plans, it can be really awkward if both parties are afraid to make a suggestion, for fear of putting the other person off.

Behold! A new series on this blog will fill your arsenal with a whole host of date ideas.

The first batch of date suggestions features in London, a city where it’s notoriously hard to meet someone, even though it’s the largest city in Europe.

If you suspect your date is into history, knowledge and beautiful architecture, I strongly suggest you begin your date by meeting in front of the British Museum.The main building,  designed by the architect Sir Robert Smirke in 1823, is a glorious example of Greek Revival Architecture and the perfect backdrop to an initial meeting of minds and hearts.


As you move into the museum, take some time to marvel at the now-famous domed ceiling in the Great Courtyard. Here’s a fun fact that will help impress your date: the domed courtyard you’re standing in is the largest covered public square in Europe. Crazy, right?

You can take a moment to break the ice over coffee at the museum café, and make sure to admire some of the Greek statues that have been placed in the courtyard to tempt you further into the exhibits.



As you wind around, make sure to visit the Enlightenment Room, my personal favourite. Here you’ll find treasures collected by explorers of the Enlightenment period – from magical artefacts to astrolabes, and everything in between. The collection is housed in the King’s Library, the oldest room in the museum and the former home of the library of King George III.

british-museum-enlightenment gallery



Ready to leave, but not ready to end the date? Take a five-minute walk and make your way to Byron, the home of delicious hamburgers. On your way, you’ll have the opportunity to some excellent architecture, and maybe grab a coffee from on of the many cafés along the way.





Pretty much everything is delicious here, so you can’t really go wrong. And what better way to become comfortable with a date than to share the experience of eating a messy but delicious burger?

Some suggestions:

  • Meat eaters, the classic Byron burger has everything you need – beef, bacon, cheese. I have heard friends and loved ones give this burger the seal of approval.
  • Vegetarians, there are options for you, too – I recommend the Bean Patty burger. Perfect texture, with delicious aoili on top.



Take some time to get to know each other, and see if you have any geeky interest in common. Talk about the things you loved most from the museum, and use this as a way to kickstart conversation!

If you’re in need of social lubricant, Byron has some delicious house ale – and a varied selection of beers from indie and local breweries.

From here, let the date unfold naturally – you could go out for further drinks, or call it a day and (hopefully) agree to meet again.

Do you have any recommendations for nerdy dates in London? Leave them in a comment below!


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